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Hi my name is Kendall Janis and I'm a third year student here at the University of Georgia studying Digital Marketing and Fashion Merchandising.

This portolio entertains some of the work that I found most valuable during my fall semester in NMIX 4110.

As simple as this part of the lesson plan was, creating hyperlinks on pages is one of the most frequently used tactics when it comes to websites.

Fun Google Fonts

Just having some fun with fonts! I hope to use this lesson more so in the future of the development of my portfolio so that I can create a more visually appealing webpage.

3 Page Website Final

This work really pertained to the future information I needed to complete my final project portfolio through Wordpress and Bootstrap.

Google Forms Lesson

As someone who implemented Google Forms in their final project, I hope to use this skill more so in my work as VP of Recruitment of my sorority to better communicate with the chapter. The Google Forms lesson also helped me learn how to embed documents and applications, something that was used in my final portfolio.

Trees Bootstrap Lesson

Although one of the more tedious and time consuming assignments, this lesson provided the ability to manipulate images and jump from page to page.

Bootstrap Assignment 2

This lesson helped me when forming my bootstrap theme that I would later use in my final project portfolio.

Jukebox Lesson

I believe I spent some of the most amount of time on this lesson, playing around with the features and fun abilities of the lesson to see what exactly a few changes to the Javascript code could do.

Jukebox Assignment

This lesson was definitely the most fun I had had with any lesson this semester!

Lynda Assignment

As someone who plans on going into the digital marketing industry, the ability and knowledge that can be found through Lynda assignments are really invaluable. The lesson taught me a lot more than just what I thought I originally knew about my major and future career industry.

Mr. Potato Head Lesson

I loved how interactive this lesson was!

North Campus Lesson

A very interactive lesson, this specifically showed how as a reader of a webpage, the ability to manipulate the page is a lot easier than expected!

Checkerboard Lesson

If we are being honest, this was probably my least favorite lesson....please don't ever let me play chess!


This lesson was very much like a puzzle of code.

Babies Youtube Vids

As videos are the leading and most entertaining source that brands and companies are now using to capture consumers' attentions, it was very important to be able to manipulate these videos via code.