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Hi my name is Kendall Janis and I'm a third year student here at the University of Georgia studying Digital Marketing and Fashion Merchandising.

I am so excited to start my New Media Certificate as I think it will really pertain to my career in fashion e-commerce and digital landscape in the future! See the links below to see the coding and digital work that I completed in NMIX 4110 this semester!

I Love Puppies

CSS Lesson: Example Page 1

CSS Background Lesson: Example Page 2

Lists Lesson

CSS Rollover Lesson

Fun Google Fonts

3 Page Website Practice Lesson

3 Page Website Final

Google Forms Lesson

Bloody Font Lesson

Trees Bootstrap Lesson

Bootstrap Assignment 2

Jukebox Lesson

Jukebox Assignment

Lynda Assignment

Loading Webpages Dynamically Lesson

Mr. Potato Head Lesson

Drag and Drop Lesson

North Campus Lesson

Checkerboard Lesson

Mouseover Lesson

Eyecatcher Lesson



Babies Youtube Vids

Google Map

Final NMI Specific Portfolio