New Media Capstone Project


For our group’s Capstone project, we were tasked with creating a new action for the Google Home; specifically the Google Home Mini. This action needed to be specifically voice command centric and be able to help our peers in some day to day way. After an enormous amount of brainstorming, interviews, and a survey, we created an action that would help our peers prepare for internship and job interviews. Serving as a mock interview tool, InterviewBot is a personal assistant that prompts users with common interview questions. These may range from questions about the mock interviewee themselves all the way to questions for the user to understand better the company that he/she is applying to. My role in this project specifically was that of Project Manager. I kept the team on track, made sure our deliverables were being executed in a timely manner, coordinated with the interviewees and the professor, and completed a lot of the research elements of the project. I am most proud of my work with our team’s one-pager and least proud of my work as lead actor in our trailer (I was never meant to do theater).  Overall, the project was a great experience and I would definitely say that my group members were the best part of it by far. From their creative abilities, to their technological points of view, we complemented each other well and worked efficiently together.

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