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Coffee shops could definitely be considered landmarks here in Athens, GA. Although you can find a Starbucks in basically every metropolitan city in the country, Athens brands itself on the unique personalities of each of its local coffee establishments. But out of the handful of these quaint java joints how does each one capture their unique culture and then portray it to the local consumers?

Take Walker’s Pub and Coffee, for example. The sweet smell of coffee beans is put aside for craft brews and cocktails at night (or at noon if you’re up for day drinking). Known for the bearded men that sip chai tea lattes and the hipsters of the Classic City studying philosophy, Walker’s is the pinnacle example of local coffee in Athens. Walker’s then transmits this urban-trendy facade through their social media sites. For example, their Instagram features employee spotlights where the coffee connoisseur can get a feel for the type of baristas and bartenders they will interact with while visiting. Side note: some of these employees are members of the band Family and Friends so make sure to stop in and say “hey” because they’re kind of a big deal: Shaky Knees Lineup. Walker’s Twitter account is then used for promotional tactics such as “Join us this Saturday 3/19 at 9PM for our Terrapin Jittery Joe’s single origin coffee stout event. 4 delicious beers on draft.” By viewing Walker’s through these digital lenses, one can understand the specific coffee/bar atmosphere that they will be walking into.

Then there’s Hendershot’s. The go-to joint for Normaltown/Prince Ave locals, Hendershot’s is known for their live music and eclectic furniture and decor. Hendershot’s uses their Instagram account daily if not hourly with videos of the coffee fruition process and ads promoting the jazz group showing next Thursday. Hendershot’s prides itself on combining its entertaining, cocktail, and java abilities. Their Twitter account is used to get the word out about open mic nights, poetry readings, and the live music that plays 5-6 nights per week. Again, by using these digital routes, Hendershot’s attracts their coffee drinking, music loving consumer and fills them in on what’s happening.

One can then analyze the different personas of those who are going to each coffee shop, simply based on what each coffee shop is promoting on their digital channels. Walker’s may have the trendy law student who needs to study during the day but then kick back with a beer after class. Hendershot’s may target those who want the environment of a music lounge but the comfort of a cup of joe. This could be analyzed even further with other local spots like Iron Works at The Graduate, Two Story, Zombie Donuts, 1000 Faces, Sips, etc.

I use this blog as an example to show how companies, even local coffee/entertainment/bar venues are using their different social media accounts to diversify themselves from their competitors by capturing the true personality and nature of its employees, atmosphere, and customers.

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  1. Matthew Sennett says: Reply

    This is a great look at a rarely analyzed industry in Athens! I love how each coffee shop has a unique personality that is reflected through their social media channels. It is fascinating that these coffee shops are proving it isn’t only about the coffee; the elements of the atmosphere, employees, and culture goes a long way in determining the path one takes to a cup of java.

  2. Love this! I also think its inters testing how different each Jittery Joes is around the area. Like the 5 points locations is very different from the one downtown while the Roastery on Chase is almost like a tourist spot. Love this blog and so interested to see where this takes you!

  3. Namhee Kim says: Reply

    This post looks like a great analysis of local coffee shops! I found it interesting that these coffee shops are not a franchise coffee shop just like a Starbucks but they are still using digital channels a lot to attract consumers. Love your blog post and looking forward to see your next post too!

  4. It is interesting to see how the coffee shops use social media in local area since each area has a different culture. Your post definitely raised my attention to check some cafe’s Instagram and twitter to see what special events they have!

  5. Emily Fernandez says: Reply

    Love your point-of-view on local coffee joints! I love your analysis of each coffee shop having a different and creative personality and how they are not part of the generic/franchised larger brands. Also really enjoyed your writing style and creativity, and will definitely read your next blog post. Great job!

  6. Emily Davis says: Reply

    Love you analysis of the coffee shops around Athens! I am a huge fan of Hendershots because I live in Normaltown, but I am excited to your next posts to try out some new ones around town. Great to see local companies using unique channels to reach consumers and bring them in.

  7. I think you wrote a really great article! Coffee shops in Athens are so abundant and are definitely a prime example of digital marketing. I like how you talked about not only the franchised shops, but also the non-franchised shops. Great work, I will definitely keep a lookout for your next post!

  8. Amanda says: Reply

    Such an interesting point of view that I never really thought to analyze. To a lot of people coffee is just that, but especially in our college town coffee comes with an atmosphere and a feeling. So whether you are wanting a coffee and a place to study or a trendy place to meet a new friend the social media accounts of these various coffee shops can help you obtain your desired atmosphere. So cool!

  9. Emily Lehmann says: Reply

    As an avid Starbucks consumer, I have never really thought about all of the other local coffee shops in the area and how they compete with each other and the more big-name brands! It is interesting to see how they offer many different events and implement their marketing strategies through repetitive social media use. For those already set in their coffee ways it seems like they are able to reach them anyways by drawing customers in for numerous other reasons. Nice!

  10. Patrick Portera says: Reply

    Your post really showed how companies can really use social media to get their message across and connect with their customers. It also shows how companies can create their own personality and use that personality to attract and retain customers

  11. I do understand about that as well as being at a coffee place you are their to study and to mingle and with digital marketing methods that can become quite the strategy. A coffee place, which some people don’t know about isn’t always about the coffee as well. Music and the atmosphere brings the most about a place.

  12. I think that you did a really good job of pointing out how both coffee shops use social media to attract a certain target market. I never really though of their social media accounts of differentiating between target markets, but after your reading your article it is all of a sudden very clear to me. Great post!

  13. Shea Pickert says: Reply

    This is really cool! Athens has such a diverse population, so each of these coffee shops really does have a different personality and following. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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