Blog #9: United Airlines Scandal…Or Is It?


If you hadn’t heard, United Airlines was the main character in a PR director’s worst nightmare last week as the airline denied two young, teenage girls from boarding the plane due to the leggings that they were wearing. Twitter rose into an uproar as the airline was accused of slut shaming young girls and having traditional and outdated standards.

But what if United wasn’t just punishing these girls for wearing Spandex at a young age? What if those who were sending disgusted and fiery tweets to the airline actually knew the full story?

After the chaos calmed down, United explained why they turned away the girls and asked them to change.┬áThe two women denied entry were flying as “pass travelers,” meaning they were relatives or friends of a United Airlines employee. As this classification, the stricter dress code is in place as these flyers are representing the airline when flying and apparently, Spandex leggings do not fit this dress code.

Some still condemned the airline for having outdated rules, joking that only the Amish would be allowed on United flights. Delta sent out a sly tweet to their own benefit stating, “Flying Delta means comfort. (That means you can wear leggings ;))”

As everyone may have their own opinion on United’s controversial dress code, leave it to Twitter to blow it out of proportion.

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  1. I had no idea about this issue. While I understand where United is coming from, I do agree that this is a sensitive subject that needs to be handled carefully and diplomatically if the company doesn’t want to lose face. Regarding Delta’s tweet, I think this was a smart marketing move as it is just witty enough of a dig to not appear nasty. Using Twitter was also a great call because it makes the company appear relatable. Great post!

  2. Interesting post! Totally agree with your opinions!

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