Blog #5: Cars + Gender = ?


Like many Super Bowl ads this year, Audi chose to touch on the social climate that surrounds us with an ad about gender equality not only in the workplace but in life experiences too. Wait…did Audi just link itself to female empowerment?

Showing a girl in a cart race as her dad looks on and narrates the struggles that will follow his daughter through life, Audi emphasizes their disgust towards the phenomenon by stressing that they will provide equal pay for their employees. As appreciative as I am of this, one does have to realize that of the 14 people on Audi’s USA Executive Team, only two are female and 12% of the entire Audi senior management workforce are women. Now, I do not mean to call Audi out or accuse them of capitalizing on a cause that they have no business being in, but one does need to be conscious that it will take a lot more than a German car company with an emotional, powerful ad to raise the wage gap.

I do commend Audi for making such a statement during one of the most watched TV airings of the year, at a time when the wage gap is at 20% and when the first female nominee did not quite reach the Oval Office. These are all valid topics that do need extra attention but the question remains: how does a car brand contribute to fixing this social injustice? Because the little girl gets to drive in her dad’s Audi after winning her race, does that consulate the fact that she will be undervalued compared to the men in her life?

I truly do applaud Audi for using their platform, brand, resources, and mega Super Bowl cash to touch on this issue but I think that the link between a car and an entire half of the population that is found underappreciated and underpaid was slightly weak.

You can find the ad here!

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