Blog #3: Yoga and Digital Marketing


Yes. I know the title basically sounds like an oxymoron but the two nouns have more in common than you’d think. As a practicing “yogi” myself, I spend at least 3-4 hours per week in a room heated to 106 degrees stretching, moving, breathing, reaching, etc. All for the health and balance of my body and mind. But what does yoga have to do with digital marketing?

After reading an article discussing the comparisons between the two concepts, I realized both practices have the same structure to them. Just bear with me. You’d be surprised what yoga practices can also be applied to a digital marketing strategy.

  1. Focus on the core: As yogis strengthen their core by pulling their stomach and breathing deeply with each pose whilst blocking out other distractions around them, digital marketers should do the same. (Maybe not literally, however). If marketers focus on the content, the foundation of the brand, cause, or campaign, they can zero in on the true objective of the marketing itself, discarding the “outside noise” of other brands, strategies, and society. Too often marketers start with strategizing rather than the core content of the entire initiative.
  2. Have a long term vision: You won’t get immediately flexible after one yoga class. Nor will you build a six pack of abs or shoulders strong enough to lift your whole body off the floor. But if you have a long term vision of working hard in class every time, you will get to your goals. The point of yoga is not to get quick results but to ensure a healthy mind and body for as long as you keep up your practice. The same goes for digital marketing. Too many brands these days are looking for that “quick high” and that immediate result (a Facebook page follow, a favorited Tweet, a double-tapped Instagram picture). But these impressions are fleeting. What keeps the consumer coming back for more? A long term vision for the brand; not fast goals you can simply check off.
  3. Build inner strength: It’s not shocking to know that a company must have a strong internal unit before they can conquer any external obstacles. Make sure the brand has a sound human resources department, is managing finances well, and has a strong backbone of their story and purpose before tackling any outside objectives. With yoga, the goal is to build a strong body from the inside out; not to beautify┬áthe body before building its strength.

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  1. What a lovely metaphor! This was such an insightful, well thought through post. I love yoga, it is so good for the mind and you have truly demonstrated that with this analogy.

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